Why Do Boston Terriers Burrow Under the Covers

My Boston Terrier absolutely loves to be under the covers. Whenever I turn in for the night, she’s beside me, burrowing deep under the blankets.

Boston Terriers burrow under the covers for feelings of comfort and security, to hide from fearful situations, to get warm, and out of instinct. Burrowing is one of the best ways for them to get close to you and alleviate any stress they may have.

I will discuss all of the reasons why a Boston Terrier may burrow under the covers, so if you’re interested in learning more, read on. I’m also going to explain the reasons behind their burrowing behaviors outside.

Real Insights from Boston Terrier Owners: Do They Like to Burrow Under the Covers?

In a recent discussion on a popular Boston Terrier forum, we gathered real responses from actual Boston Terrier owners to understand their pets’ behavior when it comes to burrowing under the covers. This data, represented in the chart below, provides valuable insights into the common habits of Boston Terriers, helping you gain a better understanding of these lovable pets based on real-life experiences.

Pie chart showing the percentage of Boston Terrier owners whose dogs like to burrow under the covers. The chart indicates that 84% of Boston Terriers like to burrow under covers, 4% do not like it, and 12% have mixed preferences.

This information was gathered through review of real owners HERE.

Reasons Boston Terriers Burrow Under the Covers

You’ve probably noticed by now that your Boston Terrier has some quirky behaviors when it comes to the bedcovers. You’re probably wondering why do Boston Terriers burrow under the covers.

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In the natural world, dogs are burrowers, and it’s in their genes. So, part of your Boston Terrier’s behavior can be traced back to his roots in the wild. There’s safety in a den, and he’s creating that safe space where he can relax without worrying about his surroundings.


There could also be times when your Boston Terrier becomes afraid of a situation and seeks solace in the depths of the blankets. He could feel safe here, and the blankets could be providing the necessary comfort to alleviate the fear.

Comfort and Security

Your Boston Terrier can also burrow under the covers when looking for a safe and comfortable place to nap. The blankets surrounding him can fill him with a sense of security and protection as a den would, soothing him into a restful slumber.

Also, just as we enjoy a nice, comfy blanket, so does your Boston Terrier. Basking in the luxury of fluffy covers on a bed will allow him to get some excellent shut-eye that he wouldn’t get anywhere else in the house.


Boston Terriers do not have thick coats. Because of this, they tend to get chilly faster and more easily than other breeds. Your dog will burrow under the covers to get warm, so ensure the house is warm enough for him.

Personal Space

Sometimes your Boston Terrier will have had enough of playtime and socializing. He’ll just want some me time and go off by himself. Burrowing under the covers will allow him to shut out the world and have peace and solitude.

Proximity to You

If you’re under the covers, your Boston Terrier is going to want to be under the covers to be as close to you as possible. Cuddling with you makes him feel safe, secure, and happy. You’ll also provide some extra body heat for a chilly pup.

Avoid Weighted Blankets

While the average blanket is not a problem for your Boston Terrier, as he will move when it becomes too hot or if he can’t breathe, a weighted blanket can be problematic. He may have trouble moving around under it and struggle with its weight on top of him.

The best solution is to not use a weighted blanket anywhere your dog likes to sleep. Avoiding these blankets will reduce the chance of any problems arising from your dog burrowing under the covers.

How to Stop Your Boston Terrier from Burrowing Under the Covers

If you don’t enjoy your Boston Terrier burrowing under the covers, there are a few things you can try to get him to stop. The first option is to provide him with a suitable alternative. A sleeping cave may provide just enough coziness that he will no longer want to burrow. 

You can also make your dog his own little nest area so that he burrows in his own blankets, not yours. Bear in mind that he may not find this a suitable replacement, as you may be the reason why he is burrowing in the first place.

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Reasons Why Your Boston Terrier Burrows Outside

You’ve probably also noticed that your Boston Terrier doesn’t limit his burrowing to the blankets. When he goes outside to play or do his business, he most likely burrows in the yard despite your best efforts to make him stop. So, what are the reasons behind this behavior?

  • It’s genetic. Your Boston Terrier is hardwired to dig because of his ancestry. He may also attempt to catch small rodents in your yard, which could require digging. Rodent hunting was a skill this breed was used for when it was originally created.
  • Your dog is looking for an escape route. If you have a fence and your Boston Terrier is digging right next to it, there’s a good chance he’s trying to escape your yard. You’ll need to nip this behavior in the bud before he makes it all the way through. Never leave your dog unsupervised during outdoor playtime.
  • Your Boston Terrier is bored. If you’re not providing enough mental stimulation during playtime, your dog could turn to other means of entertainment, such as digging up the yard. Ensure you keep him engaged, so that he doesn’t turn to this behavior.
  • It’s a form of stress relief. Have you noticed your dog has been stressed out lately? Burrowing in the backyard could be your first indication. It’s a method your dog may use to let off steam when he’s stressed out or anxious.

How to Stop Burrowing Behavior in the Yard

If your Boston Terrier is burrowing in the yard and you want him to stop, you’re going to have to take action quickly. The best option you have is providing other forms of entertainment and stimulation. Keeping him occupied with other activities will take his mind off digging.

Alternatively, if you want to allow your Boston Terrier the opportunity to burrow because he loves it so much, you can designate him a spot in the yard just for that purpose. You can even go so far as to create the perfect blend of digging dirt that he will enjoy sinking his paws into.

Make sure he gets enough exercise. Doing this will work out any frustrations he has and prevent burrowing behaviors. Additionally, you’ll take away any potential for boredom that tends to express itself in destructive ways.

Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers are well-known for their burrowing behavior, whether it’s inside, under the covers, or outside in the yard. There are several reasons behind this behavior.

Boston Terriers burrow under the covers to get closer to their owners, escape fearful situations, have time alone, or find comfort and security. The blanket around them blocks the world while providing warmth and reducing their stress levels.

Burrowing outside can be a problem for you if your dog is making a mess of your yard. You can provide an alternative area for your dog to burrow or other activities to keep him busy. 

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