Are Boston Terriers inside or outside dogs, Owners warning

As I am watching my two Boston Terriers run around outside at full speed I realize that someone who doesn’t own one would think they are outside dogs. Now that I have owned them for a few years I figured I should let perspective owners know the truth on if these dogs are inside or outside dogs.

Boston Terriers are inside dogs and will not do well as outside dogs. They love to go outside and play but due to their flat faces also known as Brachycephalic, they do not adapt well to high and low temperatures. Now if you put them in a house or apartment with a blanket, they will adapt well.

If you are considering the addition of a Boston Terrier to your life but realize that they will need to spend most of their time outside you may want to keep reading. On the other hand, if you already have a Boston Terrier and just want to learn more about the bread, we will discuss that too.

Jojo the Boston Terrier licking his lips

Why Boston Terriers love outside but live inside

I live in Louisiana which is a very hot and humid place. So most of what I will say below will be based on that climate and my Boston Terriers. Although in general it is known that Boston Terriers are not the most adapting dog breed. They do not do well in extreme climates.

When my Botons wake up in the morning they are full of energy and the back door is calling their name. Of course, I open it and let them out. By the time I make and drink my first cup of coffee they are laying by the back door.

I leave them out and get my second cup of coffee. Once I finish it I can see that they are done. It has been 30 mins and all I see are dogs laying down with big flat face mouths open. Tounges just laying whichever way they are falling.

What happen, how can such young dogs get so tired so fast? It has a lot to do with their flat faces. Unlike most dogs who have a long snout and can breathe and cool off easily, Bostons have a lot more trouble with it.

As they take off running around you can almost see them taking the deepest breaths they can. Trying to pull all the air in that is possible with the smashed up face they were blessed with. This wears them out and then they are ready to go back inside to the cooler ac.

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Other than the trouble breathing they also do not have a coat that is ready for hot or cold temperatures. They have a very thin coat of short hair. So in the cold, they just shiver. This is one of the reasons they will always try to cuddle up with you or get under the blankets.

If you are looking for more information on if Boston Terriers are cuddly dogs then read the post we wrote on the topic HERE.

Besides getting overheated from not being able to breathe and cool off and other than the thin coat that doesn’t protect the breed from the cold……. they also hate to be alone. So what does all of this mean for owners of Boston Terriers?

If you are looking for a dog that will live outside and be able to keep itself safe well a Boston Terrier may not be the right answer. On the other hand, if you are looking for a dog that likes to be outside in spurts you may be looking in the right place.

During the cool months at home we spend a lot more time outside. Our Boston Terriers will also spend a lot more time out there with us. They love to chase frogs and bugs and squirles and….. well they love to play outside.

My daughter will play their favorite games with them which is mostly please chase me all of the yard. This can last for a few hours with during a nice day. You can basically judge how they will do on how you handle the weather. If you are a little warm and sweaty well they will be hot too.

What I find funny about the Boston Terriers playing outside is how they crash when we go back inside. As soon as they hit the AC and the cold floor under their feet they just calapse. Withen a few minutes you will hear the heavy breathing turn into snores. Then sometimes the snores will move to the lower end and add a little smell in the air.

The recharge rate for the dogs is pretty quick. After a good 30 minute or so power nap they will be ready to play again. Well if that is what you are looking to do, because if you want to relax the rest of the day the Boston Terriers are very willing to do that the rest of the day as well.

Are Boston Terriers good inside dogs

When a person is considering a dog that will live in their home they need to consider a dog that doesn’t require a vast amount of space. The Boston Terrier makes a great inside dog. They only need a little bit of exercise per day and can get it while running around even the smallest apartment. They are also a clean dog who doesn’t require grooming.

So if you are looking for a great apartment or inside dog the Boston Terrier is a great pick. They will adapt well to easy living in a climate controlled environment. If you want to get ambitious and go for a walk once in a while they will come. As long as they can relax when they get back.

Jojo the Boston Ready to relax after being outside

The big needs in their lives are warm blankets, bones to chew on, and some attention. They do not like being alone to much but do well if you have to leave them for periods of time for work. It is not very often we come home and find anything not in order.

I will warn you though that no food should be left out in the open. They will find a way to get it and eat it. We have lost pizzas, and cupcakes, and even salads before. You would think due to their small size that food on a high counter would be safe. I will just go ahead and tell you they will get it.


Not all dogs are created equal and not all homes are perfect for all dog breeds. We love our Boston Terriers but they fit our home and our lives. They love playing out side with out children and then relaxing with us on the couch.

We can leave them home while we work and expect the house to be ok when we return. We know that if we leave left overs out they will get eaten and so we have learned. We also have learned to watch them when they are running around outside.

It is very easy to see when they have pushed themselves as far as they should go. When the mouth opens and the tongue starts to seem like it has a mind of its own, we know it maybe time to bring them inside and give them a break.

We hope this article has helped you decide on if a Boston Terrier is the right dog for you. If we turned you away from them then we are glad to have helped you with that as well.

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