About Us

A few years ago my wife and I work up and did something dumb. We decided with 4 kids and one dog what else do we need while this crazy Covid thing was going on. So like a lot of people we decided that a new puppy would be just the thing we needed.

boton terrier kissing our daughter

This is when we brought home our first Boston Terrier Ruby. Just like many people we knew at the time we were stuck at home. My work allowed me to work from home and my wife was already a stay-at-home mom. So if there was ever a time to housebreak a new puppy it was now. We also figured that this would be the perfect time to give the kids a distraction.

We had taken some time before we decided on a Boston Terrier. Some of the kids wanted a bulldog, others wanted a little fluffy lap dog.

In the end, we wanted a dog that would be tough enough for my oldest son to play with and then gentle enough for my little girl to not get hurt.

Well, we got just about everything we wanted with our first Boston Terrier. She will get crazy and run around with the wife and kids when they want to, and she is ready to cuddle on the couch if that’s what the family wants to do.

Bosco the Boston Terrier

What does a totally sane family with 4 kids and now 2 dogs do after they buy a puppy to entertain them while they are stuck at home from Covid? You guessed it they go and add another Boston Terrier Puppy to the mix.

So now fast forward a few years and we are not a family who has two adult Boston Terriers and we are so glad that we do. We have learned so much about the breed and love to share the information we have learned. As a side note just to add a little more of the story not only did we get two Boston Terriers, my mother in law and great friends also added Boston Terriers to their family. So we have been able to learn firsthand a lifetime of history on the Boston Terrier breed.