What Is a Boston Terrier Known For

Raising a Boston Terrier has been such an exciting and fantastic experience. To have a dog that is so loyal and attentive is one of the best things to look forward to each day. They have a pretty long list of things they are known for as well as a shocking history.

Boston Terriers are known for being excellent companion dogs who are completely loyal and devoted to their owners. Initially bred for dog fighting and hunting vermin, they have entirely deviated from this purpose to become one of the best housepets.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Boston Terrier, what exactly the breed is, and different facts, you should keep reading. Additionally, I am going to discuss what you need to know before you get a Boston Terrier.

What Is a Boston Terrier?

The Boston Terrier breed is a small companion dog that is well-known for its attachment to its owner. Considered a non-sporting dog, this dog has a short, smooth coat with markings like a tuxedo, which led to its nickname of “the American Gentleman.”

Their traditional coloring is black and white, but the breed comes in various colors, including brindle and white. Boston Terriers have a distinctive facial appearance with a square jaw and perky ears.

When it comes to preferred activities, they can be happy lounging on the couch with their owners or competing in dog shows. They are well-versed in learning tricks and can be very active little dogs.

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What Were Boston Terriers Bred For?

It is largely theorized that Boston Terriers were bred for dog fighting and hunting vermin. Originally, the breed was much larger than it is today, allowing this vicious practice to occur. 

When it came to rat hunting, the Boston Terrier had no equal. They could quickly and efficiently take out the rats plaguing the factories because of their high prey-hunting drive. 

Over time, practices changed, and breeding was altered to create a smaller companion dog that appealed to the elite of Boston. 

What Is a Boston Terrier Known For?

There are several interesting facts that Boston Terriers are known for that make them a pretty unique breed. 

1. People-Oriented 

If you have a Boston Terrier, you’ve probably noticed he prefers to be with you rather than without. This is because this breed is very people-oriented. In fact, not getting enough time with you will make him an agitated dog. Rarely do they meet a stranger.

2. Highly Intelligent

Boston Terriers are also well-known for their intelligence. They pick up tricks and games quickly, learning everything at a fast pace. Although you do have to watch out for their streaks of stubbornness.

3. Big-Time Snorers

Because of the shapes of the heads, Boston Terriers are prone to some hardcore snoring. That’s not all they do – you’ll also experience some grunting and snorting.

4. Super Gassy

Their short muzzles actually cause an increase in their air intake. In turn, this causes an excess in the gassy buildup. 

5. State Dog

Boston Terriers are the state dog of Massachusetts. Recognized on May 14, 1979, Gregory W. Sullivan proposed the dog for representation.

6. University Mascott

Rhett, the Boston Terrier, is Boston University’s official mascot. He’s actually been the mascot longer than the breed has been the state dog. He officially took his role in 1922. Often, you will see dog owners bring their Boston Terriers to games in support of the team.

7. Bred for Competition

A long way off from their original purpose of dogfighting, Boston Terriers are now bred to be intelligent and hardy. These traits make them superior at learning obstacle courses and obedience commands.

You’ve probably seen them in all the dog shows, and they’re top competitors. Boston Terriers love a challenge and are excellent in these situations. 

8. An American Dog

The Boston Terrier is recognized as being the first breed designed in America. In the late 1800s, a dog named Judge was purchased in England and brought to Boston. He was bred one time with a dog named Gyp. This was the start of the Boston Terrier breed.

9. Amazingly Simple to Maintain

Because of their short coats, Boston Terriers are very easy to groom and maintain. They don’t require a lot of brushing, don’t shed a lot, and only need a bath every four to six weeks, depending on their activity levels. 

They also don’t require a lot of exercise to remain happy. Many times a brisk walk is all it will take. 

What Do You Need to Know About Boston Terriers?

If you’re interested in becoming a Boston Terrier parent, there are a few things that you should know. This is an excellent breed if you are a first-time dog parent and you’re worried about a lack of experience. They are not high-maintenance dogs and are very easy to care for.

They are typically quiet dogs but will alert you to the presence of someone at the door or anything unusual. With proper training, they will get along well with other pets in your home, especially dogs and cats. 

Boston Terriers are highly adaptable and can live just about anywhere, including in the city. They require less than one hour of walking a day and must be supervised when having outdoor time to prevent any health complications. 

You should be aware of their potential health problems that relate to their short faces. They can experience overheating and breathing problems, so you must be on the lookout for any changes in your dog’s health situation.

Basic training is a requirement for optimal behavior. Bear in mind, your Boston Terrier may have a stubborn side that is a trait of the breed and can make training a bit difficult. Gentle coaxing will work him out of it and allow you to proceed with your lessons.

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Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers have come a long way from their initial story as fighting dogs and vermin hunters. Looking at the breed today, you would stop and wonder exactly where that type of aggression could even come from.

Boston Terriers are a preferred companion dog and are well-known for their ability to learn and compete in obstacle courses. Despite their history as fighters and hunters, they now show no sign of ever performing either task.

These dogs are highly adaptable, and able to live in any setting, including the city. Maintaining them is simply because they require little grooming and minimal exercise. However, they do have health problems that all owners should be aware of to monitor them.

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