Are Boston Terriers good with kids and vice versa

When you have children and especially small children, there are a few extra concerns when you are considering a new pet dog. My wife and I had to look at how a dog would fit in our lives with a 3 year old and her older siblings. We needed a dog breed that could handle getting grabbed and fallen on without hurting our child and without our child hurting it.

The Boston Terrier breed is not only loving, spunky, and durable, but also widely recognized as good family dogs, especially suitable for homes with kids. This combination along with its smaller size makes them a great pet for kids and families. They will entertain and follow your children all day but will not be quick to react if your young child gets a little bit too rough.

Over the past 2 years, we have had some great times with our two Boston Terriers. Although they will give me some attention when I come home you can tell who they love in the house the most. It is by far the kids. If you would like to read some stories showing why Boston Terriers are good with kids keep reading.

Detailed Breed Profile: Understanding the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier, a true American breed, is a fascinating mix of strength, intelligence, and affection. Originating in the United States in the late 1800s, this breed is the result of crossing an English Bulldog with a white English Terrier. Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a non-sporting breed since 1893, the Boston Terrier is often affectionately termed the “American Gentleman” due to its distinct tuxedo-like markings.

Physical Characteristics: Compact and well-balanced, the Boston Terrier typically weighs no more than 25 pounds. Their stylish ‘tuxedo’ coat comes in colors like black, brindle, or seal (dark brown) combined with white. Standing about 15 to 17 inches tall at the withers, they possess a square head with a short muzzle and large, round eyes, embodying a lively and clean-cut appearance.

Temperament: Known for their affectionate, friendly, and playful nature, Boston Terriers are adaptable dogs who thrive on companionship. This makes them exceptional family pets. Their intelligence and eagerness to please facilitate trainability, though they can exhibit a mild stubborn streak at times.

Health Considerations: As a brachycephalic breed, Boston Terriers have shorter snouts, affecting their breathing and making them sensitive to extreme temperatures. Prospective owners should be mindful of health issues such as respiratory challenges, eye problems, and joint diseases. Regular veterinary check-ups and a healthy lifestyle are essential for their well-being.

Family Compatibility: Boston Terriers are known for getting along well with children and other pets, especially when socialized early. Their patient and tolerant demeanor, combined with their playful spirit, make them ideal for families with kids. Their alert yet non-aggressive nature also makes them good watchdogs.

Exercise Needs: Despite their small size, Boston Terriers are energetic and require regular exercise to stay healthy. They enjoy walks, play sessions, and interactive games, which serve as excellent bonding opportunities for families. It’s important to monitor their physical exertion, especially in extreme weather, due to their respiratory structure.

For more detailed information on the Boston Terrier breed, check out the following resources:

The Joy of Having a Boston Terrier in the Family

Boston Terriers are not just pets; they are companions that bring a unique blend of joy, energy, and warmth to a family setting. Known for their outgoing and friendly disposition, these dogs seamlessly become a part of family life, offering both companionship and entertainment.

  1. A Playful Partner for Children: Boston Terriers have an innate sense of playfulness, making them ideal playmates for children. Whether it’s playing fetch, participating in outdoor activities, or simply providing comic relief with their antics, Boston Terriers are always ready for fun. Their gentle nature also means they can safely interact with children, becoming a trusted member of the family.
  2. Adaptable to Various Family Dynamics: Whether your family is active and always on the move or more laid-back, Boston Terriers adapt to your lifestyle. They are equally content with energetic playtime or relaxing on the couch, making them suitable for a range of family types.
  3. Building Bonds and Creating Memories: Boston Terriers often form deep bonds with family members, becoming a source of comfort and emotional support. They are known to be sensitive to their owners’ moods, offering affection when it’s most needed. Their presence in a household can create lasting memories and strengthen familial bonds.
  4. A Source of Laughter and Love: With their expressive faces and quirky behaviors, Boston Terriers have a way of bringing laughter into a home. Their playful antics and affectionate nature make them a source of joy and love, brightening everyday life.

Unique Aspects of Boston Terriers: Uncovering the Lesser-Known

Boston Terriers, often seen as charming and personable, also have a rich history and unique characteristics that many may not know. Exploring these facets can deepen our appreciation for this remarkable breed.

  1. Historical Significance: The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds originating from the United States, specifically from Boston, Massachusetts. This breed was developed in the late 19th century and was one of the first non-sporting dogs bred in the U.S., marking a significant development in canine breeding history.
  2. Distinctive Appearance: The breed’s signature “tuxedo” coat, giving them the nickname “American Gentleman,” is not just about looks. It’s also a breed standard that has been carefully maintained over the years, reflecting the breed’s distinguished and refined nature.
  3. Boston Terriers in Popular Culture: Over the years, Boston Terriers have made notable appearances in films, television, and even in historical events, reflecting their enduring appeal and versatility.
  4. Their Role Beyond Companionship: Boston Terriers have been used in various roles, from lap dogs to therapy dogs, showcasing their adaptability and empathetic nature. Their ability to connect with humans on an emotional level makes them excellent for therapeutic purposes.

What makes a Boston Terrier Good with kids

Let’s face it kids are full of energy and they need a dog that will keep up with them. A key trait that makes Boston Terriers good family dogs is their ability to mimic your mood, syncing perfectly with the lively atmosphere of a family home. If you want to run around and act crazy, well they will be right there with you.

Unlike kids when you want to turn off the energy and relax they are ready. If you stop playing or the kids get bored with them they are ok with it. I have never seen a dog that can run around the couch and jump all over the place, then at a moment’s notice, they are snoring under the covers.

Kids love to explore and try new things. Boston Terriers are usually down to try new things as well. So if you have older kids looking to explore in the woods or go for a walk they will have a friend to tag along. The only issue you need to be aware of is that Boston Terriers can’t handle extreme temperatures due to being a brachycephalic breed.

If you don’t know a brachycephalic breed means it is basically all dogs with a smuched up face. They do not have a long snout and this affects their breathing, trouble at birth, snoring issues, and the list goes on and on.

Kids seem to attract more kids. I don’t know what it is but when you have one kid they seem to multiply friends. So when you are looking for a dog breed that is good for kids you need one that likes to be around a group of kids. A real nervous dog will not do well with Kids. Lucky for us Boston Terrier owners they love being around a group of kids.

As a father when I was picking out a dog breed I really wanted a dog that would protect my kids but I didn’t want one that was too big to control. So it put me in a little bit of a dilemma when I was picking out our family dog. What I got ended up being perfect even though I didn’t realize it until my Boston Terriers were two years old.

Something happen a few months ago while my kids were outside playing. A person I know who my dogs didn’t know came over. He knew was my kid’s uncle so, of course, he came over to talk to the kids and the Boston’s went crazy. I would have thought that the house was under attack.

JoJo the Boston Terrier playing outside

That day reinforced my belief that Boston Terriers are good family dogs, as they may be small but are fiercely protective of their families. Lucky for my brother in law that I don’t think my female actually has enough mouth to hurt anyone. She was trying because of course he thought it was funny and kept pushing the issue.

Lucky for him I save his life. Well ok, he was never in much danger but I did tell the dogs to stop and then they licked him to death. Well, my make Boston did, but the female still doesn’t trust him.

Another reason why Boston Terriers are considered good family dogs is their intelligence, allowing them to engage meaningfully with children in various activities. No matter what your kids want to do the dog will be able to do it with them. If they want to teach them tricks and show them off to the family they can. On the other hand, if they want to play soccer or something with them outside the dogs will love to play.

What makes kids good for a Boston Terrier

While Boston Terriers can be lazy, the energy of children in a family setting is perfect for keeping these good family dogs active and healthy. Put them in a pile of blankets with the TV on they will start snoring and farting the day away. So having a few kids around will keep the dogs moving. They will feed off of the energy of the kids and it will keep them healthy.

When it comes to being alone and needing time by themselves, well Boston Terriers don’t want any of that. They would rather have a person with them at all times to cuddle, play and entertain. If they are left at home alone for crazy amounts of time they will become very bored.

The worst Boston Terrier you can ever have is one that is bored and needs to unload all of its energy when you get home. This is where kids come in handy. When my kids come home they are ready to let loose.

When the kids run around and burn off all the excess energy it forces the Boston Terriers to follow suit. They will keep up with the kids for as long as the kids can go. In the end, the kids will push the Boston Terriers to exercise and the Boston terriers will push the kids to play a little longer.

Our Boston Terrier Sneaking a snack

The next reason that kids are great for Boston Terriers is from the perspective of the Boston Terrier, not the owner. The dogs love to snack as much or more than the kids do. These snacks can be just about anything that is edible for a dog.

My favorite thing I saw the other day was my male Boston Terrier eating salad without dressing. My wife was chopping up cucumbers and the dogs of course were sitting by her side just waiting. Of course, they are probably trying to tell her through the mind control they have to drop something on the floor.

Well their mind control worked and she decided to give them both a small piece of cucumber. The boy Boston Terrier at the cucumber like it was the best snack in the world. I don’t even think he took the time to smell or taste it. Just trusted that whatever my wife gave him was good to eat.

The female Boston Terrier was a little less trusting. She didn’t want to check out her new treat near the male because he would steal it, but she also wanted to check it out a little bit. She took her new prize out of the room and away from the boy.

I thought she was going to just go hide it and not eat it. So I followed her into the other room. She put it on the ground and did a full inspection. I assumed while she was doing this that it would not check all of her picky boxes. I got tired of watching her inspect it and walked away.

About five mins later after the male had eating a ton of cucumber slices the female came back waiting for another. I told my wife I don’t think she even ate the last one. I went to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. So she gave her a new slice in which she ate right away.

this kind of made me curious if the dogs would eat veggies what else are they getting fed. That’s when I saw the real magic happening. I saw my 4 year old eating a turkey sandwich. My wife told me that girl has asked for three sandwiches today. I figured out why.

She would take a bite of the sandwich. Then each dog would be sitting by her waiting for theirs. So she would say here you go baba (Bosco) and put a small broken off piece in his mouth. The she would say here you go ruvee (Ruby) and put a small piece in her mouth.

Next my daughter would get herself a Cheeto. After she ate hers you can guess what happen next. Baba got a Cheeto, and then Ruvee got a Cheeto. I was glad to see that when she took a sip of her drink the dogs did not get any.

This is when I learned that kids are great for Boston’s because my little one loves to give away her food. So as a Boston Terrier who loves to snack on anything…. well they are a great match. It also explains why the vet told me that there has been a little weight gain.

I think Ruby the Boston Terrier is comfortable

Why are Boston Terriers good with kids

Boston Terriers have all of the qualities a person looks for when decided for a family pet. They are energetic, loving, loyal, and fun. This makes the Boston Terrier a great dog choice for kids.

If you are a parent you will understand that bring a pet into the house is not as simple as it was when you were alone. When it was just you the qualities you needed where simple. You needed a dog you liked who fit into your lifestyle.

Now as a parent you have to know that the dog you bring into your house will not only fit your lifestyle but will be a positive addition for the kids. It will bring them joy and companionship. At the same time you need to be able to trust the dog with your children and their friends.

The worst things as a parent and dog owner you could have happen is your pet hurt someone’s kids, or you own kids. There is nothing as a dog owner I can think of that would be worse then that situation.

You also want to make sure the dog you bring into your home will teach the kids responsibility. For us we do this by the kids taking on the responsibility of feeding them, letting them out, and bathing them. If your kids like the dogs it makes it much easier for them to buying on the chores.

In order for you kids to buy in the dog has to be fun for them. the problem is kids are into so many different things, which means you need a dog that is adaptable. for example sometimes I look in the living room and I will see a kid chasing a dog or the dog chasing a kid. Next I see the other dog cuddled up on kids bed laying on them while they play xbox.

One of my favorite things about the Boston Terrier is their ability to adapt. they are one of the craziest calmest dog breeds around. I wrote that because at first glance it doesn’t make any sense. As a Boston Terrier owner though you will quickly understand what I am saying.

Hopefully this article has help you decide that the Boston Terrier is a great option for you and your family. You kids will love them and the dogs will love your kids. You can expect some smelly times, some snoring, and some food stealing.

In the end though you will have a loving dog who just wants to please you and your family. Your kids will thank you and when they are not looking you will get time to snuggle with the new addition to your family.

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