Are Boston Terriers Fearful, What we Learned with our new Puppy

We have two Boston Terriers and decided to add a Great Dane Puppy to the mix. What we learned when we added the new dog was that there is a big difference between Great Danes and Boston Terriers, especially when it comes to if they are fearful or not.

Boston Terriers are not fearful as a breed. In general when something happens or noise is heard they will be the first to check it out. Even as puppies they were ready to explore and figure out everything going on around them.

Now our Great Dane on the other hand is a very cautious and fearful dog. I think what my little one called him was the biggest chicken she ever saw. If you would like to read more about our Boston Terriers and their lack of fear compared to our Great Dane please keep reading.

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Are Boston Terriers fearful?

If you’re looking for a small, affectionate dog breed, the Boston terrier may be a good fit for you. However, some people believe that these dogs are fearful, and this can be a turnoff for potential owners. So, what’s the truth about Boston terriers and fearfulness? Let’s take a look.

There is a lot of evidence that Boston terriers are not fearful dogs. These dogs were originally bred as ratters, and they have an inbred drive to investigate their environment and explore new things. They are very confident and curious, which means they will typically be the first to check out any strange noises or unfamiliar objects.

It is true that Boston terriers sometimes exhibit fear, but this tendency is really no different than what you would find in other breeds. Just like humans, individual dogs can have different personalities and experience life events differently. Some dogs may be quicker to startle or more hesitant when confronted with new experiences, while others seem to accept change without issue.

What do my Boston Terriers do when they hear something?

I have two and they react a little differently when they hear someone at the door or a strange noise. The female alerts us by stopping what she is doing and standing alert staring in the direction of the noise. Our male will charge off running to the noise and let out a few barks.

Neither of them reacts in a scared manner.

There is also a difference in what the dogs will do if someone they think should not be there comes into the house or the yard. I tested it a long time ago to see what would happen if someone who were to jump our fence who wasn’t supposed to be there.

The male dog when he was outside made a lot of noise and kept the person in front of him. He would never get close enough to do anything but with his hair up and his bark he tried his hardest to intimidate the person.

The female Boston Terrier didn’t react is such a loud way. She ran over to the person with a growl and had her hair standing up. She is about the half the size of our male but was much more intimidating. To test it even further my Brother-in-law decided since he had gloves on to try and reach for her. Well, she attacked his hand with everything she had. She was not playing but her mouth is so small she did little damage to the gloves.

I tell that story because it is how I know that none of my Boston Terriers are fearful. They will charge into danger and do their best to protect the family if needed. This is the opposite of their personality the rest of the time with no danger around.

Usually, they are the most loving dogs in the world. If someone walks into the house that we let in they attack with kisses. Then they will use the people for warmth. As soon as they lay on the couch the Bostons will get as close as possible to snuggle.

How do you calm an anxious Boston Terrier?

If you are noticing that your Boston Terrier seems more anxious than usual, it is important to try and determine what is causing the anxiety. Some common triggers include changes in routines, loud or sudden noises, or being around new people and animals.

To help reduce your dog’s anxiety, you may want to consider trying some behavioral training, like positive reinforcement and desensitization. This involves providing rewards for calm or relaxed behavior so that your dog can learn to associate those behaviors with something positive.

Other tips for helping an anxious Boston Terrier include providing them with a safe space where they feel comfortable, avoiding situations that may trigger anxiety, and exercising the dog on a regular basis. Overall, it is important to be patient and consistent in your efforts to help reduce your dog’s anxiety, as this can take time and require some trial and error.

For us when we have an anxious Boston Terrier we have found that a chew toy is the best method. The Bostons love to chew and if they are stressed a toy will keep them occupied. You can also try giving the dog some extra attention, going for a walk, or playing with the dog to help calm them down.

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Are Boston Terriers difficult?

Boston Terriers are not difficult to train. They are small in size, and they don’t require a lot of exercise. That makes them perfect for people who live busy lives and may not have the time to dedicate to a larger breed dog. However, that does not mean that Boston terriers are not sturdy or smart dogs. They love to be active. If you want a dog that’s easy to train, a Boston terrier is the right choice for you.

Boston terriers are typically very friendly and social dogs, so they get along well with both people and other animals. They love to play and can make great companions for children. However, as with any breed of dog, it is important to socialize and train Boston terriers early on in order to prevent any aggressive or fearful behaviors. Overall, Boston terriers are a great choice for anyone looking for an active yet low-maintenance dog.


Boston Terriers are renowned for their fearless nature. When unprecedented noises occur or something unexpected happens, they will be the first ones to investigate what is going on. Even as young puppies, these dogs possess a natural curiosity and bravery that encourages them to explore everything around them!

Whether you are looking for an active, social dog or simply want a loyal companion, Boston Terriers are definitely worth considering. With their small size, easy-to-train personality, and friendly disposition, these dogs are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a lovable pet. So if you’re on the lookout for a new four-legged friend, be sure to consider a Boston Terrier!

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