Are Boston Terriers Chewers From a Owner of Two

We are a family of five and we have 4 dogs. Wow, that sounds like a lot when I type it but it’s not too bad. Two of the dogs are Boston Terriers and are now a few years old. They have been a great but one question we had like you was are Boston Terriers chewers?

For the most part, Boston Terriers do like to chew but are not prone to destroy your stuff. With a few toys and bones laying around, you will find that they are content to leave your shoes alone. They are what I call a stress chewer.

If you want to know what I mean when I say stress chewer and other fun facts about Boston Terriers, keep reading. We will discuss what we have seen over the past few years of owning Boston Terriers.

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Boston Terriers are known for their chewing habits

Boston Terriers are notoriously known for their love of chewing, which can cause all kinds of problems when they’re still puppies since all dogs tend to chew on inappropriate things while teething.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can use to keep them from destroying all your favorite items. When your Boston Terrier does chew something inappropriate, calmly replace it with one of their approved toys or treats and praise them for the good behavior. With enough patience and consistency, Boston Terriers will soon learn what is okay to chew on and what is off-limits!

For us, my smallest kid’s shoes were the biggest target. She was only around 1 or 2 and wore little leather shoes with one strap across the top of them. For some reason, I am not sure why but this was their favorite thing to find.

I did lose them and had to replace these shoes twice. Lucky for me though my daughter was growing pretty fast so in at least one case she needed a new pair anyway. Now fast forward a few years later and I have not seen any Boston Terrier chewing on anything that wasn’t theirs in a long time…….well unless I leave food laying around too long.

Chewing helps keep their teeth clean and healthy

Pet owners understand the importance of dental health and hygiene for their furry friends. Chewing is an important part of maintaining a healthy and clean mouth for pets such as dogs and cats.

A chewing toy can actually help remove food particles from the surface of their teeth and gums, preventing plaque from forming. Not only that, but it can also help strengthen your pet’s jaw muscles, promoting better posture through proper position while eating or drinking. Overall, chewing is a great way to keep their teeth and gums in good condition.

Thinking about how chewing is good for my Boston Terriers’ teeth as I’m watching them chew on their bone makes me think my Boston Terriers must have the cleanest teeth out of every dog on the block.

Chewing also provides mental stimulation for dogs

When I was reading about Boston Terriers and how chewing relieves stress in dogs I had no idea how stressed Boston Terriers must be. I say that in joking because there are so many times I have watched my dogs lay around and chew on a bone like it was the best thing to do in the entire world.

It’s a very strange sound to listen to two Boston Terriers laying next to you chewing on bones. As a Boston Terrier owner though you will get used to it. Just remember when they were puppies and think, I’m glad it’s not my little girl’s shoes.

Chewing allows a canine to release pent up energy, which is a great tool to use when you have a young Boston Terrier. This is especially true if you have to kennel your dogs during the day. They will need something to let out all of their energy when you get home.

My daughter-in-law is a vet tech and she brings her Boston Terrier English Bulldog mix with her to work. He is a very active dog in general so when he comes over after being at work he is wound up tight.

His normal routine is to run around the house and jump on everyone and everything trying to get attention. Then once he has got in trouble he will grab a bone and start chewing. You can tell how long he was in a kennel by how intense his chewing is.

Another habit I have seen from my Boston Terriers is they use the bone as a tool to calm themselves down and relax. At night, after playing I see them grab their bones and start chewing. This is usually after their last zoomie of the day. It makes me think of their bones as a book for me. I start reading and get sleepy. They start chewing and relaxing in the same way.

Some things that Boston Terriers like to chew on include bones, sticks, and toys

Boston Terriers are known for their playful personalities and loyalty to their owners, so it’s no surprise that they enjoy spending time chewing on all kinds of objects. Bones are great for keeping their teeth and jaws strong, while sticks provide an exciting challenge as they try to break them apart….. and leave them all over your house.

Toy-like items like rubber chew toys and balls help keep them entertained while providing something soft to chomp on. Despite these preferred options, it’s always important to be vigilant in monitoring what your dog is putting in his mouth, as some items may not be beneficial or safe for Boston Terriers to chew on.

It’s important to provide your dog with plenty of chewable items to prevent them from chewing on things they shouldn’t, like furniture or shoes

Chewing is an important behavior for dogs to display as it helps them naturally address their urge to explore, keeps their jaws strong and even cleans their teeth. To ensure that our pooches are not getting into trouble by inadvertently destroying furniture and shoes, the best option is to provide them with a variety of chewing items.

Whether it be a chew stick, rope toy or hard nylon bone; there are plenty of safe, durable items available for dogs to choose from – both in stores and online! Taking the time to pick the perfect chewables will not only save your home from destruction but also keep your furry friend happy and engaged!

If you’re concerned about your dog’s chewing habits, talk to your veterinarian about ways to help redirect their chewing behavior

If you have noticed that your dog has seemingly out of nowhere developed destructive chewing habits, it might be time to seek help from a veterinarian. Your vet can provide you with tailored advice and tips for redirecting your dog away from problematic behaviors.

Any advice should address both the underlying reasons for the behavior as well as helping you develop good habits during guidance sessions. It’s also recommended that you commit to consistent training sessions that are fun and rewarding, so your pet will associate these sessions with positive outcomes. This way, redirecting their chewing behavior into something more appropriate can become easier over time.


Dogs love to chew on things, and Boston Terriers are no different. Whether it’s bones, sticks, toys, or even furniture and shoes, they will at one time try to chew on it as a puppy. They are easily trained pets so you should not have any trouble teaching them what items are good to chew on and which are not.

I hope you enjoy your Boston Terrier if you add one to the family or already have one. They are a great dog breed and have been a perfect addition to our family. I did have to buy an extra pair of shoes when they were puppies but since then things have been great.

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