When Do Boston Terriers Ears Stand Up

Raising Boston Terriers has taught us a lot, especially about their development stages, like when Boston Terriers’ ears stand up, a common question among new owners. We have had them for years and they make the best companions for the entire family.

Boston Terriers’ ears typically stand up by the time they reach four months old. However, several factors can affect this, including the parents’ appearance, the weight of the ears, and the fold in the ears. Boston Terriers’ ears may also stay folded over.

If you’re interested in learning more about the mechanics of your Boston Terrier’s ears, you should read on. We are going to discuss the timeline for ears standing up as well as the factors that can affect this. We’ll also consider methods of assisting when ears are floppy.

Max’s Ear Adventures: The Humorous Tale of a Boston Terrier’s Rising Ears

Our journey with Max, our adorable Boston Terrier, gave us the perfect answer to ‘When Do Boston Terriers Ears Stand Up?’ Max was a bundle of joy with one ear that stubbornly refused to stand up, giving him a comically quizzical look.

Every morning, we would find Max in a new, hilarious pose, trying to get his floppy ear to join its upright partner. It was as if he was experimenting with gravity! Whether hanging upside down off the sofa or tilting his head to one side, Max was on a mission.

The day finally came when both ears decided to stand to attention. Max seemed as surprised as we were, shaking his head as if to test this new ‘aerial’ on top of it. That day, Max strutted around with a new level of confidence, though we couldn’t help but miss his adorable, lopsided expressions.

His journey from floppy to perky ears was filled with laughter and photo opportunities, making us realize that sometimes, the quirkiest traits are the most endearing.

Understanding When Boston Terriers’ Ears Stand Up: A Guide for New Owners

When discussing when Boston Terriers’ ears stand up, the typical timeline is around four months of age, though several factors can influence this. However, several factors go into this. 

Genetic Influence: Understanding When Boston Terriers’ Ears Stand Up Based on Parentage

If you have the ability to obtain this information, it helps to know what your Boston Terrier’s parents looked like. Sometimes getting this information is not possible, especially if your puppy is from a rescue group or a shelter. 

When you purchase your Boston Terrier from a breeder with a good reputation, they should have no problem showing you the puppy’s parents. If both their ears are standing up, there’s a good probability that your puppy’s ears will stand up as well. 

This probability will increase if the breeder can provide you with the information that all the dogs in that line had erect ears. 

What Are the Weights of the Ears?

Sometimes a Boston Terrier’s ears will be large and disproportionate to the size of their head. If they are abnormally large or heavy and haven’t stood up without assistance once the puppy has reached four months old, it’s highly unlikely that they are going to stand up.

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What Kind of Fold Do Your Puppy’s Ears Have and What this Means for Their Ears

The ear folds on Boston Terriers have as many variations as their ears do. They are all born with floppy ears. Between 5 to 8 weeks of age, they begin looking like they are standing up. 

When they reach 10 to 12 weeks, their ears may be completely standing up. However, there are some puppies whose ears never change, staying completely folded over. If your puppy reaches 16 weeks old and still has folded-over ears, they’re probably going to stay that way.

There is another situation in which Boston Terrier puppies will have their ears completely stand up by 12 weeks of age. Then from 14 to 16 weeks of age, the tips of the ears flip backward. 

My Boston Terrier’s Ears Are Flipped Back, What Does This Mean?

When your Boston Terrier is teething, you’ll often see an occurrence where the ear on that side of the mouth flips backward. Then when your puppy switches to the other side of their mouth, the ears will trade-off. 

You don’t have to worry in this situation because their ears will stand back up on their own once the teething process is completed. 

How Do Boston Terrier’s Ears Stand Up?

The pinna is what determines whether a Boston Terrier’s ears stand up. It is a piece of cartilage attached to the head with several muscles and covered by skin. In Boston Terriers, the pinna can vary in size but will typically be the same shape.

Boston Terrier ears stand up at the age of 2-4 months, although it can take as long as 6 months. Not all Boston Terriers have ears that stand up. Genetics plays a significant role as to whether a Boston’s ears stand up. Taping of the ears can happen as early as 6 weeks of age and will take 4-8 weeks to have the fullest effect

When Do Boston Terriers’ Ears Stand Up? | Do They Need To? – Happy Bostons

What Do I Do if my Boston Terrier’s Ears Won’t Stand Up?

Several options are available for when your Boston Terrier’s ears won’t stand up on their own. Some recommendations need veterinarian advice before using.

Enjoy Them How They Are

You can simply enjoy your Boston Terrier with floppy ears. Unless you were hoping to have a show dog, there is nothing wrong with your dog having ears that don’t stand up.

Tape Your Boston Terrier’s Ears

You should consult your veterinarian or a knowledgeable breeder before you decide to tape your Boston Terrier puppy’s ears. Taping will provide support to parts of the ears while they build up strength. Barring a fold or too heavy tips, the ears should be upright in 4 – 8 weeks. 

You can either use the vertical or horizontal taping methods. The vertical method involves only putting tape vertically on the inside of the ear. The horizontal method, on the other hand, requires taping on both the inside and outside of the ear.

Use porous cloth tape for the best results. Do not use Breathe Right Strips. These have a small metal strip inside that can harm your puppy’s stomach if they ingest it. 

You will have to replace the tape every few days as the natural oils on the ears will cause it to become loose. It is expected that you will maintain the tape on your puppy’s ears 24/7 for several weeks until the process is complete.

Calcium Supplements

To use calcium supplements you will need to consult with your veterinarian. While a little calcium won’t hurt your Boston Terrier, significant amounts can be damaging. The assumption with this method is that the calcium will give the cartilage the strength it needs to stand up.

Ear Cropping

Ear cropping is typically not used to help get your Boston Terrier’s ears standing up. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that gives your dog’s ears the desired shape for the show ring. This procedure should not be completed until your dog is between 8 and 12 months old.

However, if your Boston Terrier has floppy ears due to excessive length or weight, ear cropping can be a solution. You will need to have a full consultation with your veterinarian if you are considering this as an option. Of course, I really don’t like ear cropping on any dog so I vote just let them flop.

My Boston Terrier’s Ears Remained Floppy, What Do I Need to Do?

When your Boston Terrier’s ears remain floppy, several health problems can occur that you need to watch out for. 

Prevent Infection

Air circulation keeps ear canals dry and decreases the risk of ear infections but in the case of floppy-eared Boston Terriers, you have to have a more active part in the prevention of infections. You can prevent infection by implementing a cleaning regime.

Ear Cleaning Solutions

Consult with your veterinarian before using any ear cleaning solution and get a demonstration on how to properly clean. Most Boston Terriers respond well to weekly or bi-monthly cleanings. This will help get excess moisture out of the ears and prevent infections.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boston Terriers’ Ears

When Do Boston Terriers’ Ears Typically Stand Up? Boston Terriers’ ears usually stand up by the time they are around four months old, although this can vary depending on individual factors.

What Factors Affect a Boston Terrier’s Ear Standing Up? Genetics, the weight of the ears, and the type of ear fold can all influence when and if a Boston Terrier’s ears will stand up.

Is It Normal for One Ear to Stand Up Before the Other? Yes, it’s quite common for one ear to become erect before the other, giving your puppy a charming, uneven look for a while.

Should I Be Concerned if My Boston Terrier’s Ears Haven’t Stood Up by Four Months? While many Boston Terriers’ ears stand up by four months, some may take longer. Consult your vet if you have concerns.

Are There Ways to Encourage a Boston Terrier’s Ears to Stand Up? There are methods like ear taping, but it’s important to consult a veterinarian before attempting any interventions.

Do All Boston Terriers’ Ears Eventually Stand Up? Not always. Some Boston Terriers may retain floppy ears throughout their life, which is completely normal and adds to their unique charm.

Can Teething Affect a Boston Terrier’s Ear Position? Yes, it’s common for a Boston Terrier’s ears to flop or change position during teething. Usually, they return to their normal position after this phase is over.

Does Ear Cropping Affect a Boston Terrier’s Ear Standing Up? Ear cropping is a cosmetic procedure and not typically used to make ears stand up. It’s more about shaping the ears for show dogs and is generally not recommended for pet Boston Terriers.


In conclusion, while Boston Terriers are adored for their perky ears, understanding when Boston Terriers’ ears stand up depends on various factors. Many factors affect when and if their ears stand up.

Typically, a Boston Terrier’s ears will stand up by the time the puppy is four months old. This can be affected by genetics, the physical weight of the ears, and what type of fold the ears develop. There are also instances where the ears never stand up.

If you are concerned about your puppy’s ears not standing up, there are methods that you can consider. You’ll want to consult with your veterinarian before taping your dog’s ears or providing a calcium supplement.

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