How to Tape Boston Terrier Ears

We have two amazing Boston Terriers who light up our lives. During their development, one of them did not have their ears stand up on their own, and we had to tape them. 

Taping Boston Terrier ears is a straightforward, painless process for you and your dog. You can tape horizontally or vertically using Medipore, Zonas tape, Molefoam, or even rollers. The tape must remain in place 24/7 for several weeks up to months. 

You should read on if you’re interested in learning more about how tape your Boston Terrier’s ears. We’ll also discuss ear cropping and why it’s not an option for helping with a Boston Terrier’s ears that won’t stand up.

How to Tape Boston Terrier Ears

Have you come to a point where you’re convinced that your Boston Terrier’s ears aren’t going to stand up on their own? Taping them may be your best option. It’s a straightforward process that you can easily do at home. 

Several methods of ear taping exist. You will need to decide which is best for you and your Boston terrier.

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Vertical Ear Taping

In this method, you will vertically place the tape in your Boston Terrier’s ears. Placing the tape this way does two things: your dog’s hair is less likely to be pulled out, and the tape is more likely to stay in place. This is also the easiest method.

Horizontal Ear Taping

Another method is placing tape horizontally around your dog’s ears. The tape will go around the breaking point of their ears. This method is only ideal for small dogs as this tape placement may irritate more prominent ears.

Taping Using Medipore

Medipore is more commonly known as tape for wound dressing and has good adhesiveness and breathability. It is also very water resistant, and with its gentle properties, you won’t have to worry about irritated skin. 

Follow these easy steps to use Medipore:

  1. Trim away excess hair from the tape site. You must ensure the area where you will place the tape is clear.
  2. Using a mild ear cleaner with warm water, clean the insides of your dog’s ears. Do not use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol which can inflame the ear canal. 
  3. Allow the ears to dry on their own, or use a clean, gentle cloth to wipe them dry.
  4. Cut off three segments of Medipore, placing them in a three-layer pattern with one on top of another. 
  5. You can use horizontal or vertical taping depending on which fits best in your dog’s ears. Cut the tape corners until it matches the ear shape.

Taping Using Zonas Tape

As an athletic tape, Zonas tape is perfect for supporting the cartilage of your dog’s ears. It uses a cotton backcloth, which will keep your dog’s ears moisture free and, in turn, bacteria-free. This tape also has excellent adhesive properties. 

For this method, you will follow the same steps used for Medipore.

Taping Using Molefoam

Molefoam is typically used to cushion sensitive heels, bunions, and calluses. However, it is also an excellent option for supporting your Boston Terrier’s ears as the foam padding will support and protect. Because of its excellent adhesiveness, there are no worries about it coming off.

Follow these easy steps to use Molefoam:

  1. Prepare your Boston Terrier’s ears by trimming excess hair and cleaning the skin.
  2. Cut a piece of Molefoam that will fit your dog’s ears.
  3. You will need an ear cement to hold the Molefoam in place. It must be safe and non-toxic. You can find it at your vet’s office or an online retailer.
  4. Apply the cement and then affix the Molefoam to the cement. Some dogs are allergic to ear cement, so make sure you have a liquid remover.

Taping Using a Roller and Surgical Tape

If you have concerns that tape won’t do the job by itself, you can also use foam rollers. They will provide a lot of support for your Boston Terrier’s ears.

  1. First, remove the plastic rod or clip from the roller’s middle. Stabilize the roller by inserting a pencil one inch into the roller’s opening. Glue three-quarters of the roller’s circumference.
  2. Place the rollers inside your dog’s ears fairly deep, so there are two inches of finger space between his head and the bottom of the roller. Do not block your dog’s ear canal.
  3. Wrap your Boston Terrier’s ears around the rollers and begin taping in a top-down circular fashion. Apply firm pressure during the process and remove the pencil before you finish taping.
  4. Place a popsicle stick behind the tops of both ears. Use tape to secure the sticks, but do not wrap too tightly, or you may constrict blood flow.
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How Long Must You Leave the Tape on Your Boston Terrier’s Ears?

Regardless of which taping procedure you choose, it will take a while to be effective. You will have to keep the tape on 24/7 for several weeks up to several months. It will have to be replaced as needed for cleanliness and loss of adhesiveness.

What Is Ear Cropping?

Many confuse ear cropping as a procedure that can help a Boston Terrier’s ears stand up. It is used to help breeds like Dobermans and Great Danes get their ears to stand up straight, but it is not used the same way in Boston Terriers. 

For Boston Terriers, ear cropping is a purely cosmetic procedure that should only be completed once they are fully grown. This procedure is performed to create a distinct ear shape and should only be completed if the ear is already standing on its own.

Ear cropping can be used when ears are too long or too wide, primarily for those Boston Terriers who will be show dogs. It is a very specialized procedure; not every veterinarian will be comfortable performing it. 

The procedure requires your dog to be placed under a general anesthetic. Precise, symmetrical cuts are necessary, and the process works best when specialized cautery equipment is used to decrease bleeding and induce a quicker healing time.

Ear cropping can be a very painful experience that takes a long time to heal if cautery equipment is not used. You may also have to deal with bandaging and a risk of infection.


It can be a frustrating experience when your Boston Terrier’s ears don’t stand up on their own. Floppy ears can lead to more ear infections and other problems that are difficult to deal with.

Taping your Boston Terrier’s ears is an easy process that can be done using a variety of materials. You will need to constantly leave the tape in place for several weeks to months with replacement as needed for loss of adhesiveness.

Ear cropping is not a viable option for helping a Boston Terrier’s ears stand up like it is for other dog breeds. Instead, it is a purely cosmetic procedure that is used to make the ears a specific shape and size.

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