How to Take Care of a Boston Terrier

I own two Boston Terriers, and they are the lights of my life. They are relatively easy to care for, making owning them that much more rewarding.

To care for a Boston Terrier, you must provide adequate food, exercise, grooming, and companionship. Your dog will also require routine veterinary care to maintain proper health. Also, ensure there are no hazards in his environment.

If you are interested in learning more about how to care for your Boston Terrier, I am going to cover all the steps you will need to take. You should read on to get all the essential information.

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Important Steps to Caring for Your Boston Terrier

There are several important things to know when it comes to how to take care of a Boston Terrier. By following these guidelines, you’ll have a healthy, happy pup. 

Set Up the Proper Environment

The first thing you need to do before you even bring your Boston Terrier home is puppy-proof your house. You’ll want to ensure that nothing hazardous is accessible to your pup. This includes chemicals, certain foods, and even the toilet bowl. 

Add childproof latches to cabinets to keep them closed, cover the trash cans, put chemicals and medications out of reach, and don’t leave food around. This will keep all hazards away from your curious dog.

You’ll also want to establish a separate space for your dog. At some point, your Boston Terrier will want some alone time and enjoy having his own personal space to relax. 

Providing adequate companionship is one of the primary keys to your dog’s happiness. Boston Terriers love being with their humans, so make sure you spend enough time with yours.

Train and Socialize Early

You will need to instill basic commands in your Boston Terrier at an early age so that he learns them quickly. Waiting until he is older can make training problematic. Training is another method of meeting your dog’s need for attention, which is more significant in this breed than in others.

Socialization is the practice of getting your dog used to other people and other animals. By doing this at a young age, you will teach him the proper way to respond in situations where he meets new faces. 

Failing to train or socialize your Boston Terrier can lead to stubborn or aggressive behaviors. These behaviors can make handling your dog difficult and are something you want to avoid.

Provide Adequate Nutrition

Ensuring that you feed your dog adequate high-quality foods at the right time will help guarantee his health. You will want to feed him according to age, weight, and body size. 

Make sure you are avoiding grains and starches in the food you choose. The food you choose should have a high amount of healthy protein, and it should be the first ingredient listed. Additionally, good fats should be included with a small amount of vegetables.

Be careful with how many treats you offer throughout the day. They should only make up 10% at the most of your dog’s diet. If you provide too many treats, you risk your dog not eating his meal or having obesity problems.

Provide Moderate Exercise

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While your Boston Terrier won’t require massive exercise, he will benefit from a moderate amount. Brisk walks and fetch in the yard are usually enough to satisfy this breed. 

Ensure you don’t leave him unattended when you have outdoor time in the yard. Boston Terriers are prone to overheating or experiencing hypothermia, depending on the weather conditions. Additionally, they like to dig, and your dog may dig his way out of the yard.

If you notice him getting winded or out of breath, you may need to step in and stop his activity. You will be vital in preventing a medical emergency.

Establish a Grooming Routine

Your Boston Terrier will not be a high-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, but you will still have to bathe and brush him. At least once a week, you should plan on brushing him with a soft-bristled brush to remove the dead hair and stimulate oil production.

Every four to six weeks. you’ll need to bathe him. If he’s highly active, plan on more frequent baths. You may also need to increase the frequency if he tends to be stinky. 

You’ll want to trim his nails every two to four weeks. You’ll have to use your judgment on this one. The goal is to keep his nails from touching the floor when he stands. This length is the most comfortable for your dog.

You should also establish a dental routine where you brush his teeth with dog toothpaste. This may be more difficult as he may absolutely hate it even worse than getting his nails trimmed. Work your way up to the full process slowly. It’s an important step in maintaining his health.

Establish Regular Veterinary Care

Vet visits aren’t just for when your dog is sick. Routine doctor visits can help keep your Boston Terrier at peak health. He should have regular checkups based on his age. Your veterinarian will examine him, looking for any signs of illness.

With this breed of dog, there is the potential for many medical problems, and routine visits to the clinic will help catch them early. Preventative care will go a long way in ensuring your dog lives a long healthy, happy life.

Learn About Common Boston Terrier Health Problems

Along with regular veterinary care, you should be familiar with all of the health problems your dog may face. This will help you identify if you need to see the vet sooner than your regularly scheduled visits. 

Because of your Boston Terrier’s shorter face, he can have breathing and heat stress problems. Choking, gasping, snoring, and snorting are all symptoms that need to be evaluated by your veterinarian to ensure there isn’t something more serious.

In addition to the breathing problems, your Boston Terrier may also experience skin issues, patellar luxation, allergies, and eye issues. 

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Final Thoughts

Having a Boston Terrier can be such a great experience. They are relatively low-maintenance dogs and don’t require much to take care of them.

When it comes to how to take care of a Boston Terrier, you need to provide a healthy environment, adequate food and exercise, regular medical treatment, and regular grooming. Ensure his environment is hazard-free to keep him safe. It’s important to take care of your Boston Terrier, so he lives a long and happy life. Understanding the possible illnesses he could face will help you keep an eye out for their signs and symptoms, so you can get a handle on them immediately.

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